CDA Training

Apply and Share Your Mental Health First Aid Skills – Overcome Workplace Challenges Together.
  • Launching Soon
  • Length: 6 Months
  • Tailored Group Size: 5-7 Members 
  • Location: Online Platform
  • Video Meetups: 1 per month (6:30pm PST every second Tuesday)
  • Development Challenges: 12 
  • Price: $397
HR Managers
Project Team Leaders
Wellness Program Coordinators
Remote Team Managers
Customer Service Team Leaders
Sales Team Managers
Newly Promoted Supervisors
Occupational Health and Safety Officers
Workplace managers and workers, fresh from completing their mental health first aid program, often find it challenging to apply their newfound knowledge effectively in the real-world dynamics of their workplaces.
Despite the valuable insights and skills gained, integrating these practices into daily work life and maintaining the momentum of mental wellness initiatives can be daunting without continued support and real-world application.

Imagine a space where your mental health first aid skills not only thrive but also create a lasting impact in your workplace.

By joining a Group, you will transform your workplace into a more mentally supportive environment, benefitting not only yourself but also your colleagues and the overall organizational culture.

Supportive peer-led groups and curated +Challenges create a unique synergy, enhancing real-life progress and the practical application of mental health first aid skills in the workplace.

5 reasons to Join as a Manager or Worker.

1. Enhanced Communication Skills
2. Conflict Resolution
3. Improved Team Morale
4. Greater Employee Retention
5. Leadership Growth
Video Meetups and +Challenges activate Step-by-Step Application and Growth in your workplace.

Which CDA Training Challenge will you complete first?

Mental Health First Aid Simulation

Participants role-play various workplace scenarios to practice their mental health first aid skills, followed by group discussions to share feedback and insights.

Active Listening Exercise

Each participant practices active listening in their workplace, then shares their experiences and learnings, emphasizing empathy and understanding in mental health conversations.

Mental Health Advocacy Project

Develop a small project or initiative to promote mental health awareness in the workplace, sharing progress and seeking feedback from the group.

Mental Health Myth-Busting Campaign

Create and share content (like posters or social media posts) to debunk common mental health myths in the workplace, fostering a more informed mindset.

Gratitude and Positivity Log

Keep a daily log of positive interactions or situations at work related to mental health, sharing weekly insights to foster a positive approach to workplace mental health.

Creative Expression for Mental Wellness

Engage in a creative activity like art or writing that reflects on mental health themes, sharing creations in the group for inspiration.

12 Challenges Included

Made for repeat use, these challenges are designed to develop skills for mental health first-aid in the workplace.

Workplace managers and workers are instrumental in shaping the mental health landscape of their organizations. Their role is pivotal in creating a supportive, inclusive, and productive work environment.

Join with fellow CDA Training graduates in shaping a workplace where mental health is not just understood but actively nurtured.

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