Bunch of Dads for the Best Kids Ever

How do we raise our kids to become healthy adults, especially in these dynamic times? Meet with fellow dads every two weeks for discussion and support. Your kid's future will thank you.

DAD MEETUPS (Fee waived)

 HOT TOPIC community talks. 
 MIXER GROUPS for fresh perspectives and new friends. / or-
 TAILOR-MATCHED GROUPS: Meet with 4-6 dads based on your complimentary experience, interests, and goals. New groups are matched every 4 months; either stay in the same group or change it up. Includes personalized discussion to assist each dad.

DAD GOALS ($25 per month *Coming Soon*)

 Interactive program to develop 12 key traits as a dad.
 A custom DAD JOURNEY to help guide you through your specific dad goals and challenges.
 Designed to work with the DAD MEETUPS.

Dad Meetup Groups:
When: Wednesdays bi-weekly at 8:30pmPT
Duration: 1 hr
Meetup Prices: FREE

"What I've learned is that if I want to be a good dad then I need to be intentional about it. Having the support and insight from other dads is definitely helping me along the way."

David V.

“Before joining I thought this would be weird and wondered what the point was, but it's been really good. I didn't realize how helpful the conversations would be. I'm making good friends and it's become an anchor point for me.”

Matt F.

"I've benefitted from hearing other dads who come from a variety of backgrounds and realize that there are common themes we all struggle with. The online format is the most reliable way for me to connect with other dads while also being intentional about parenting."

Josh W.

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