Artists GoTogether

An innovative artist community with tailor-matched groups; meet every 2 weeks for discussion, project showcase, and collaborations.

Next Artist Groups: Sept 17-Dec 1

Sign-up Deadline: Sept 16 2024
Online Meet-ups: 1.5 hours

  • Tuesdays bi-weekly / 12:30pmPT
  • Tuesdays bi-weekly / 6:00pmPT


 Meet online with a tailored group of 4-6 artists of complimentary experience, interests, and goals. 
 New groups are matched every 4 months; either stay in the same group or change it up.
 Includes personalized discussion for each artist.


 Interactive learning and goal challenges for project development and artist growth.
 MODULES correspond with the live groups.
 New development JOURNEYS available monthly.

Every artist, maker, and creator knows the struggle of hitting a creative block or feeling isolated in their artistic journey. The challenge of continually innovating and staying inspired can be daunting when walking the artistic path alone.

The lack of an embracing community can lead to missed opportunities for growth, feedback, and artistic collaboration.

This is a place where your creative spirit isn't just understood, but celebrated and elevated through communal support and inspiration.

In our artist groups you'll gain insight and support to boldly extend your creative boundaries. This not only enriches your own art but contributes to the flourishing of the entire creative community.

The blend of supportive peer-led groups and interactive MODULES in our platform provide an environment where your creativity can thrive. 
“I could not have predicted, or imagined, how much I would value my group. How much I would get out of it.”

Sara W.
Visual Artist

“It’s definitely helping me push projects forward.”

Jon W.

“This is a unique and valuable opportunity. I would highly recommend it.”

James J.

Develop 12 Key Pillars of Your Creative Project

Artists GoTogether

This community is focused on more than just making art; it’s about making connections that transform you and your art.


One year membership options:
These include matched artist groups, the incubator program, and monthly artist challenges.

 $360 $197 year - for those who want to work on their art and projects throughout the year.

 $30 / month - standard price for those who prefer to pay monthly.
 $45 / month - for you and to assist a fellow artist
 $15 / month - with assistance from a fellow artist

(cancel anytime with monthly plan)

Why artists are better together:

 Fresh perspectives and energy
Often the most creative times of our life is when we're around other creative people.
 Collaboration with new opportunities
Working alongside others can lead to unique and innovative outcomes that wouldn't be possible alone.
 A sense of belonging and shared purpose
Honing our creative skill is often a solo journey, but as artists, we still want friends to grow and collaborate with.

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